Dundee Decides is your opportunity to decide how Dundee City Council should spend the £1.2 million Community Infrastructure fund.

The fund will be used to make improvements based upon suggestions identified during the Engage Dundee Consultation.

Dundee has eight electoral Wards: Strathmartine, Lochee, West End, Coldside, Maryfield, North East, East End and The Ferry. Each ward has been allocated up to £150,000 to spend on infrastructure improvements. If any funds are left over after winning projects have been selected they will be allocated to enhance winning projects in each ward.

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Do you need help to use the site?

Who Can Vote?

  • Voting is open to everyone who lives in Dundee aged 11 or above.
  • You can only vote for ideas in the Ward in which you live.
  • Your vote will only be accepted if you enter a valid email address, a valid 6-digit postcode and confirm you are over the age of 11.

What information is collected?

  • We ask for your email address and postcode for verification purposes.
  • Your email address helps us verify you as an individual, your postcode helps us verify you are voting in the correct ward.
  • Information collected on the voting site will not be used for any other purpose other than verification.
  • Votes and information are encrypted and cannot be traced to individuals.
  • The information you provide cannot be accessed during the voting period due to encryption.
  • Your personal information will be deleted when the results are confirmed and announced.

What security is in place to ensure the vote is fair?

  • The electronic voting system allows us to audit the voting process and identify suspicious voting activity and potential voter fraud, such as suspicious IP addresses, similar voting patterns in a short period of time, or the same device being used for multiple votes.
  • If any voting irregularities are discovered Dundee City Council can decide to remove suspicious or possible fraudulent votes from the final result if they have an impact on the final result
  • All votes are encrypted and stored until voting ends on 23rd March 2018. Neither Dundee City Council, nor the Democratic Society, who are hosting the voting site, can access the votes until the “counting ceremony” which will be held after the 23rd March.
  • The ballot information is protected by two encryption passwords that are securely stored in separate locations. Votes can only be accessed and counted when the two passwords are entered together at the “counting ceremony”.
  • Voting results will be published following the conclusion of the vote.

What if I don’t have an email address?

  • If you don’t have an email address, or you need support to take part, please visit here for a list of community events where you can attend and receive support from staff for you to take part.
  • Alternatively, you can call: 01382 435808 (9.00am. to 5.00pm. - Monday to Friday).